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Passion – Love Letter

My Dearest Love ~

I sit and dream of the time when we will be together again. I remember how my body feels, when it is pressed underneath you. I cherish the memory of my skin touching yours, no clothing in our way, and connected together as one. Heat overtakes my core as I contemplate the passion I long to savor again.

The minutes on the clock tick, tick, tick away slowly. I want to scream out, “Go faster!” My clothing irritates me and I am anxious for you to peel it away. It is torture being apart for so long.

My only consolation is to envision our reunion. I can see your image clearly in my mind. The numerous ways in which I want to demonstrate for you my unconditional love, overwhelm my senses. My passion for you grows every minute and is impatient to be satisfied.

Sleep well my love, wherever you are tonight. You are in my every thought and prayer. Take heed my love, and rest while you have the chance. Undoubtedly, you will need every bit of your strength and energy to survive, the next time I get my hands on you.


~ ~ ~

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